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March 10th, 2011 § 5 comments

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February 2011 . Terrarium

Squeeker, squeak, squeakin’ squeak squeaky squeak…In other words… I’m nutz about you!

Spring hasn’t yet arrived, but I’ve begun to make use of my green thumb. What started out with a tiny potted succulent, now includes two basil pots and several succulent gardens. I really love creating tiny worlds inside random glass containers.

February 2011 . Succulent and Baby

I learned from the local plant store that these little guys do well in cactus soil and in clusters. So I got a few to keep each other company.

February 2011 . Succulent Garden

February 2011 . Succulent Flowers

It’s been about a month, but this little succulent started blossoming some of the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen.

February 2011 . Succulent Cuttings

A few of the leaves fell off the main plants. Instead of tossing them, I decided to set them aside for propagating babies.

February 2011 . Succulent Cutting

This tiny leaf is well on it’s way to sprouting a new succulent. Notice the tiny roots that have formed.

February 2011 . Succulent Cuttings

Once the leaves started showing tiny roots, I created my own little succulent nursery so that babies could develop. Once baby and roots were well formed, I transplanted them into their new home–sometimes with other grown-up succulents, and sometimes on it’s own. If you look closely at the first image, you’ll notice a baby succulent, propagated from one of the leaves growing splendidly in it’s new home.

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  • Oh, I just adore this, Karen! I have forever wanted to create my own garden – this would be perfect! :)

  • Brandi says:

    I had no idea that leaves sprouted new succulents. They’re so charming, Karen. I think that even I might be able to keep these little plants alive.

  • Jamie says:

    I love new life. xo

  • Vicki says:

    I look around on the floor at Lowes and Home Depot and whereever they sell succulents, to see if there are any pieces on the floor that have fallen off and pick up and ask the cashier or someone who works in the store if I can have them since they just sweep them up and trash them.
    I do not like to see any piece of a plant die or be trashed, if I can help it.

  • Ryan says:

    I personally would rather start with succulent cuttings it is so rewarding to see them grow.

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