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July 2012 . Weeds

We’ve created a communication silo.

This image that I shot reminded me of a moment today. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own world, focusing on immediate issues and tasks at hand. I find myself reminding myself to step back and think about how I can benefit another.

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June 2012 . Chicago

It feels so good to feel summer.

Where I live, I always rely on wearing layers all year round. The weather can run hot to cold in a matter of minutes–or even in a matter of neighborhood blocks. Last month, I made my first visit to Chicago, and it was refreshing to feel summer with out having to tote around a sweater in my bag.
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mission murals pt. 2

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May 2012 . Mission Murals

Can you take some pictures?

These photos were taken back in March when I was exploring the local artwork. I spent the weekend, camera in hand, taking photos and strategizing plans for a startup. These photos were some of the non-work-related images.

May 2012 . Mission Murals

Now I feel a bit topsy-turvy with a smattering of random ideas. Happy Monday!


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July 2012 . Randall

Sometimes I call him “pups.”

I love Randall. He’s an older dog with a young heart. <3

light bursts

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July 2012 . Light Bursts

Happy post-4th of July!

When I looked up at the ceiling, I noticed that the exhibit had a starburst pattern. I took this photo intent on blogging about the 4th of July holiday. One week later, I still find this image rather lovely. Also, it captures the essence of warp speed. Yes, my brain likes to think in terms of sci-fi. And yes, a lot of times I feel like that’s the speed of my life. :)